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Specialty Consulting

​​When our customers have a vision of where they want to be, but may not be able to reach their goals due to budget restrictions, technical limitations or logistical constraints, KBR's specialty consulting services is the solution to help evaluate assets and create cost-effective strategies.

As opportunities presented a need, KBR has delivered specialty consulting services to our current customers through embedded, specialized expertise woven throughout our company.  Today, we have packaged these services to offer our customers the valuable insight of our global industry experts who provide comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, often finding ways to lower costs that are often overlooked.  In addition to technical experts, KBR has highly-skilled and experienced program/project and supply chain managers with local and global market understanding, to propose execution strategies that will help your bottom line.  From helping clients find critical project funding sources to putting together and implementing training solutions that provide more efficient work processes, KBR has the insight to help our clients meet future objectives without compromising today's profits.