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Jack St. Malo FPU

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One of the largest semi-submersible production platforms in the world.


Gulf of Mexico

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Conceptual Design, Pre-FEED and FEED, Detailed Engineering, Procurement Support, Fabrication Site Support (Korea and US)

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  • Following the successful completion of conceptual engineering and design, pre-FEED and FEED, KBR was awarded a contract for design and engineering support through fabrication for the deep draft semi-submersible, including hull, deck box, accommodations, appurtenances, equipment foundations, mooring system design and anchor suction piles.
  • The GVA 33000 semi-submersible design minimizes vessel motion and allows acceptable fatigue lives of the moorings, risers and umbilicals.
  • Hull weight: 56,000 mt (61,730 tons)
  • Length: 479 ft (146 m)
  • Width: 449.5 ft (137 m)
  • Water depth: 7,000 ft (2,133 m)

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  • One of the largest semi-submersible production platforms in the world
  • KBR, worked exclusively on the hull configuration
  • The first semi-submersible floating production unit designed and built as a low-motion unit for the Gulf of Mexico
  • An example of our ability to offer integrated solutions through the combined expertise of KBR
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