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Database Engineering & Selection

KBR has the experience and resources to design and deliver a robust database solution tailored to meet the specific demands of your organization.

The ability to quickly and accurately assemble, organize and utilize information is absolutely vital to any undertaking in today’s global landscape. Science data, transactional data, threat reports, communications, inventories, production and logistics reports — every aspect of your operation generates a constant, continuous stream of data that must be sorted, analyzed and saved, but still kept available for future reference.

“The ability to quickly and accurately assemble, organize and utilize information is absolutely vital.”

KBR software engineers and database administrators have the knowledge and experience you need to capture, categorize and analyze these digital resources. We understand the relative advantages and requirements of the database engines suitable for a wide-variety of applications, and can help you choose the one that’s appropriate for your needs.

Database engineering starts with a detailed exploration of the kind of data you generate, the potential applications for it, the needs for dissemination, your organization’s security requirements, and the volume of data being accessed or analyzed. We can help you understand the possibilities and design a cost-effective system that will make your operation more agile and efficient, with solutions including:

• Software selection, licensing and installation
• Database architecture and coding
• Error detection and correction
• Data commercialization
• Datacenter security 
• Database administration
• Maintenance and technical support

Database Engineering & Selection Opportunities

The people of KBR change the world every day, providing the intelligence to solve any challenge. If you’re up to the task, we want you on our team

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