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Remote Monitoring

KBR uses real-time performance data from your critical assets to provide vital, valuable insight into the health of your operation.

In today’s age of interconnected technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT), digital resources are an indispensable part of safe, efficient industrial operations. Modern industrial machinery generates a wealth of monitoring data that offers unprecedented awareness, understanding, and actionable insights into your industrial equipment and processes. With the right tools and expertise, you can utilize this data to optimize every facet of your operation — lowering costs and increasing revenues.

“KBR’s remote monitoring solutions and experts keep you connected, informed and aware of your asset health.”

KBR monitoring solutions and operation performance improvement programs can keep you up to date and aware of every relevant detail in your plant operations. We can help you organize and analyze existing data and capture new performance metrics to give you a complete, accurate view of your operational status from minute to minute, and use that information to improve your processes and achieve your business goals.

As a leading process technology licensor, KBR leverages a unique and differentiated solution through KBR InSiteSM and expert domain knowledge to provide timely guidance to customers to operate their plants more efficiently, reliably and safely, minimize unplanned downtime and achieve top-quartile performance.​

Remote Monitoring Opportunities

The people of KBR change the world every day, providing the intelligence to solve any challenge. If you’re up to the task, we want you on our team.

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