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92nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Aerospace Medical Association

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92nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Aerospace Medical Association

Event Dates:
22 May 2022 — 27 May 2022

Event Location:
Peppermill Resort Hotel in Reno, Nevada

Proud Sponsor of the 92nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Aerospace Medical Association

We invite you to join KBR at the Aerospace Medical Association’s annual educational and networking event at the Peppermill Resort Hotel in Reno, Nevada. This year’s conference is a joint meeting between the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) and the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS), which offers professionals the chance to discover and discuss the latest innovations in aerospace medicine combined with insight into unique clinical and operational issues associated with increased barometric pressures.

As a part of this year’s conference, KBR is proudly presenting the Arnold D. Tuttle and Joe Kerwin Awards, as well as sponsoring the Honors Night Banquet.

The Team Behind the Mission

KBR is a top life sciences provider to NASA, U.S. Special Operations Forces, and U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Army. Our specialists are committed to enhancing health, promoting safety, and improving performance of individuals who work or travel in unusual environments. With services stemming from biomedical and human research to behavioral health, health science, medicine, payload experiments, and laboratory management, clients rely on KBR to pioneer advances in aerospace medicine as well as earth and life sciences.

KBR currently supports various aerospace health technology contracts and addresses key human health and performance needs of military members, astronauts, and their families at a variety of locations around the world. Through the $500 million Preservation of the Force and Family contract, we train and manage the health of U.S. Special Operations Forces with a focus on increasing performance and readiness. We also provide leading human performance research and development support to NASA’s $1 billion Human Health and Performance contract at Johnson Space Center and various contracts supporting the other Department of Defense services.

As an integral partner to many, KBR conducts medical research, manages testing, and supports hundreds of software programs and pieces of equipment for aerospace health. Some examples include: development of the treadmill aboard the International Space Station, which is used by the crew for cardiovascular exercise and musculoskeletal loading; development and sustaining of the Total Organic Carbon Analyzer, which helps ensure reclaimed water aboard the space station is safe for the crew to drink; and the Butterfly iQ research study – analyzing the success of the world’s first handheld, single probe whole body ultrasound system to help manage the astronauts’ medical imaging needs.




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