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Insight into the Involvement of Energy Vectors in Energy Transition

Insight into the Involvement of Energy Vectors in Energy Transition

Publish Date:
11 Jan 2021

KBR’s Consulting Advisory team is passionate about sustainable, carbon-managed energy in the era of clean energy, and our ambition is be an industry leader in energy transition and climate protection. We can assess energy technologies, focusing on their capacity to produce, exchange, and use energy vectors to diversify clients' operational assets. We undertake strategic and techno-economic feasibility studies to review potential options available for the future role of energy vectors in your business as part of an integrated cross-vector energy system and identify the opportunities, prospects, and confines to accelerate developments towards the energy transition arena. In this three-part series, we assess the overall benefit of Energy Vectors and their involvement in Energy Transition.

What are Energy Vectors?

Energy vectors are a form of energy extracted from natural resources that can be transported and stored in appropriate quantities for usage when required. The preeminent energy vectors with appreciable potential for implementation in the global energy mix include hydrogen, electricity, synthetic fuels and heat-transfer fluids.  However, as a transition, the mechanisms and processes are continually evolving, maturing and innovating and KBR is working at the forefront working to harness energy vectors to deliver scientific solutions to our customers.

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