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Celebrating World Space Week

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Celebrating World Space Week

Publish Date:
04 Oct 2021

World Space week kicks off today and KBR joins in the international celebration of science, technology and the betterment of the human condition! The theme for 2021 is "Women in Space" and throughout the week we will honor a few of the incredible women at KBR that are leaders in the space industry.



Dr. Amy Gresser

Dr. Amy Gresser is the Life Sciences Research & Bioengineering Department Head for the Fully Integrated Lifecycle Mission Support Services (FILMSS) Contract at NASA Ames Research Center. She manages teams that support a variety of NASA projects related to biology and spaceflight. She also works with investigators to design experiments that will be conducted on the International Space Station. 


Kathryn Boerner

KBR’s Ground Verification Lead, Kathryn Boerner, is part of the Systems Engineering Integration and Test (SEIT) group for the Joint Polar Satellite System Program (JPSS) at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Providing systems engineering support for the JPSS Ground System since 2011, her team plays an important role, ensuring the Ground System meets government requirements and is ready to support the JPSS constellation of satellites.

The JPSS program's ground system comprises a worldwide network of stations that control the spacecraft, bring the satellites' data down to Earth for processing and distribution to the scientists, the National Weather Service forecasters, and others who use them for severe weather prediction and environmental monitoring. 


Lynn Pickett

As the Deputy Program Manager for the Human Health and Performance Contract (HHPC) at NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC), Lynn Pickett helps manage the work in support of NASA’s Human Health and Performance Directorate – providing a broad range of human space flight services in the areas of mission operations, flight medical operations, space and occupational medicine, biomedical and environmental research, human systems engineering, and astronaut training. 

The HHPC manages the physical and behavioral health of astronauts, studies the effects of spaceflight on the human body, develops countermeasures to enable longer duration spaceflight and designs the hardware and software to help ensure the health and safety of the crew.

world-space-week_lisa johnson

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson works on the Technical Support Services Contract as a Senior Systems Engineer at the USGS EROS Center. In this role, Lisa provides systems engineering support and leadership to Landsat data and development efforts. 

She is part of the team that integrated, tested, and delivered the element-level Data Processing and Archive System (DPAS) to be used on the Landsat 9 mission. These integrated systems within DPAS ingest, process, and deliver the Landsat image data to the user community. “It was extremely rewarding to see the Landsat 9 satellite successfully launch on September 27, 2021!” says Lisa. “Our team is anxiously awaiting those first images downlinked for processing and distribution!”

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