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Our New Brand

Our New Brand

Publish Date:
25 Apr 2019

KBR has undergone a considerable transformation over the past few years. As a result, KBR is a more upbeat and modern organization, and it was time that the logo and brand reflected that.

KBR’s new logo is a powerful representation to employees, investors and customers of who KBR is today and where the company is headed. While our business focus is not changing, we are on a continuous journey to enhance our capabilities and the solutions we provide to our current and future customers.

The rebranding included the launch of a new, modern website and the creation of a new logo which was created by a team of KBR employees. The elements of the newly designed logo are representative of our business:

KBR logo

  • The squares represent our focus on digitalization — a key area of focus and differentiation across all of our businesses. KBR offers and will continue to enhance and develop new solutions that meet the needs of the modern world.
  • The colors of the squares represent the environments where KBR delivers:
    • Green represents land
    • Dark blue represents water
    • Light blue represents the sky
    • Black represents outer space
  • The globe’s vantage point in space represents the breadth of our global reach, while providing connectivity to our distinguished past by paying homage to the Brown & Root logo.
  • The sun represents our unceasing operations. Somewhere around the globe, our team is always at work to meet the needs of our customers. The sun truly never goes down for KBR.

“This is a new chapter for KBR, and this fresh look reflects the dynamic organization we are today,” said Stuart Bradie, KBR President and CEO. “The essence of who we are is not changing but how we present the company to the world has been elevated and energized.”

KBR will also be celebrating the 100 year anniversary of Brown & Root later this year. This milestone anniversary presented a great opportunity to refresh and update our brand while celebrating our proud achievements over the past century.



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