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KBR Secures Flight Path into the Future with F-35

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KBR Secures Flight Path into the Future with F-35

Publish Date:
13 Jun 2019

Capable of flying at almost Mach 2, carrying a broad spectrum of weapons and sensors, with an advanced stealth design, the F-35 Lightning II has been designed to be the most lethal, supportable and survivable aircraft in military history. With advanced, integrated sensors providing pilots enhanced, comprehensive situational awareness, the F-35 is capable of flying critical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, providing data capture and integration more sophisticated than any previous fighter aircraft.

For more than 24 years, KBR’s team of experienced, customer-focused professionals have been instrumental in supporting the F-35 program’s design, development and international efforts.

Earlier this year, KBR was awarded a contract to develop solutions for the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s (AFLCMC) Special Project’s Office and support Air Force requirements to include the F-35. As F-35 production now exceeds 300 aircraft, the KBR team will focus on supporting the stand-up of the Air Force-led F-35 Hybrid Product Support Integrator (HPSI) organization, the F-35A Fleet Management Office (FMO) and other new programs.

The award period for this task order is 42 months and the work will be primarily performed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

“This is a big win and tremendous opportunity for us to continue our 24-year tradition of supporting the F-35 Lightning II,” said Reggie Hamilton, KBR Director, Air Force Programs. “Under this task order, we will provide the AFLCMC with the technical experts to conduct in-depth logistics analysis and assessments. The results will help the Air Force shape their sustainment strategies for the F-35 fleet.”

Since 1994, KBR has provided exceptional support to the F-35 Joint Program Office and the U.S. Air Force across all facets of F-35 life cycle management, providing specialized qualifications and expertise in defense acquisition, sustainment, engineering, test and evaluation and technical support through trusted government and industry partnerships.

KBR has the experience, expertise, unique capabilities and outstanding partnerships to provide the AFLCMC with critical analysis, planning and management solutions to support innovative acquisition strategies, cutting-edge sustainment oversight capabilities, engineering, information technology and cybersecurity, acquisition unit planning and management and business process improvement. KBR will continue to provide the best technical approaches to enable AFLCMC to succeed in implementing the USAF-led F-35 HPSI, F-35A Fleet Management Office and any future special projects or programs.

“Building on our legacy with the F-35 program, KBR looks forward to supporting the next chapter in F-35 Enterprise Sustainment by helping the AFLCMC stand up the F-35 HPSI office at Wright Patterson AFB,” said Chris Hamilton, KBR Senior Program Manager for Engineering’s USAF Acquisition Support Program.

As the F-35 Lightning II program progresses, KBR remains committed to supporting the AFLCMC in fulfilling their mission throughout the aircraft’s life cycle.

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