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KBR joins prestigious Australian Hydrogen Council

KBR joins prestigious Australian Hydrogen Council

Publish Date:
25 Mar 2021

KBR’s world-leading expertise in the hydrogen market has been recognized as it joins the Australian Hydrogen Council (AHC) – an industry advocate for the country’s emerging hydrogen and energy transition sectors.

KBR’s executive membership will afford it opportunities to provide input of key areas of strategy and growth through the council’s technical, infrastructure and policy advisory committees across Australia, and crucially drive change across the sustainability arena. KBR has a clear strategy to support this sector and is committed to developing the Australian hydrogen market as a whole.

Hydrogen’s incredible versatility is now widely accepted as presenting a significant opportunity for the decarbonization of many economic sectors.  Industries including oil refining, steel production, and fertilizers have an opportunity to reinvent themselves and their supply chains, whilst in tandem decarbonizing domestic power, mobility, and city gas networks. Global economic, social, health and environmental benefits are expected to be in the trillions of dollars by 2050, creating thousands of jobs and representing a major GDP boost over the course of the coming decades for the most progressive nations. This includes Australia with its abundant natural resources to support a sustainable hydrogen economy.

KBR is already actively engaged in some of the world’s largest sustainable projects, from green (renewable) and blue (involving Carbon Capture) hydrogen projects, and it sees a clear pathway to the decarbonization of international supply chains through the production and use of hydrogen and transportation of hydrogen through carriers such as ammonia.

It will leverage its multi-decade hydrogen experience gained through industrial process development across oil refining, methanol and fertilizers (ammonia), LNG mega-project delivery capabilities, and our unique liquified hydrogen capabilities developed through our ongoing work with NASA, to help our partners and clients realize a cleaner, safer, decarbonized future.

“Joining the Australian Hydrogen Council helps us to align with our partners, clients and Government stakeholders to enable a sustainable transition to a low carbon future,” said Jay Ibrahim, KBR President – Sustainable Technology Solutions.

“KBR is driving increased sustainability activity across a broad spectrum of industries and governments, focused through master-planning for change, delivery of our sustainable technology solutions and, sector decarbonization.”

Fiona Simon of the Australian Hydrogen Council welcomed KBR as a new member of the AHC. “It’s great to see our members like KBR committed to developing Australia’s hydrogen market as it demonstrates the motivation from industry to achieve these goals that will benefit Australia for years to come."

“Meeting Australia’s agreed hydrogen goals will require engineering expertise and technical knowledge so we can build hydrogen infrastructure and produce hydrogen at scale.”

“I would like to extend a warm welcome to KBR and look forward to the KBR team joining us on our journey to grow Australia’s hydrogen industry,” Simon concluded.

At KBR we are proud to have already reached carbon neutrality in 2019, two years ahead of our target to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. You can read more about KBR’s own sustainability goals and our latest sustainability and corporate responsibility report here.

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