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KBR Expert Talks Diversity and Inclusion at UK Nuclear Conference

KBR Expert Talks Diversity and Inclusion at UK Nuclear Conference

Publish Date:
28 Jul 2020

KBR is dedicated to supporting the UK government deliver on its 2018 Nuclear Sector Deal, part of which targets 40% female representation in the UK nuclear workforce by 2030. KBR Government Solutions EMEA graduate, Fiona Galbraith, is passionate about Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and spent the last four months working on PPP at Sellafield – a project on which KBR is a delivery partner managing the safe and secure decommissioning of the Sellafield nuclear site.

As a female in the industry, Fiona is eager to share her experience with others and recently served as a panelist at the Diversity and Inclusion in UK Nuclear virtual conference which welcomed approximately 400 attendees from a range of different organizations.

This event focused on providing support for teams and managers to enhance the values for D&I within their employer organizations. The conference provided attendees with the opportunity to learn about individual experiences and ask questions about the issues that the industry faces.

“I have already seen the way the nuclear industry is driving towards a more collaborative way of working,” Fiona explained. “Diversity and inclusion come hand in hand with collaboration and I think this is the perfect time to really push the D&I initiative. I am excited to join the industry at this time and be part of the journey.” 

Fiona has supported KBR’s efforts to be a more inclusive and diverse organization through her work as treasurer of ASPIRE – KBR’s employee driven resource group committed to the development of women and the promotion of gender diversity for the benefit of employees and KBR. She has been an advocate for D&I since her time at university where she represented the University of Edinburgh at the ‘Women in Engineering’ conference for female engineering students. 

Diversity and inclusion is a key pillar of KBR’s sustainability policy. The company is committed to fostering an environment of real collaboration across cultures and locations. KBR believes our individual differences and perspectives bring enhanced value to our teams and help us develop solutions for the most challenging problems.

At the conference Fiona made the commitment to challenge people and procedures that are hindering the promotion of diversity. This is a great example of how the people of KBR are driving positive change within the business, helping to build an environment where all employees can succeed through a culture of inclusivity.

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