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KBR Exhibiting at the 45th Dixie Crow Symposium

KBR Exhibiting at the 45th Dixie Crow Symposium

Event Dates:
21 Mar 2021 — 24 Mar 2021

Event Location:
Museum of Aviation, Robins Air Force Base, GA

Event Website:



The Team Behind the Warfighter:

Ensuring Mission Success through Innovative Engineering and Technology

When failure is not an option – customers count on KBR for trusted solutions. The Government Solutions experts at KBR understand the importance of well-managed, technology advancements for the military and government personnel we support. KBR works to explore and secure innovations for modeling, simulation and training (MS&T) requirements; reliability-centered maintenance (RCM); engineering sustainment; and material fielding and training to ensure mission success with each task. Through test and evaluation (T&E), KBR’s experts engineer solutions for the challenges our armed forces face daily. We eagerly support warfighter readiness with a full suite of engineering, aviation, and technological services, such as:

  • Providing reliability engineering and modeling analysis in the evaluation of failure modes that pose unacceptable risk across a product’s life cycle.
  • Enabling the replication of real-life and extreme environments to prepare for success in tailored virtual solutions that are both immersive and safe.
  • Maintaining unique tools designed to assist modernization and reduce program costs by providing efficiencies and real-time awareness.
  • Creating and developing brand new systems or upgrading dated technology and vehicular/ground system designs to prolong aerial and ground asset lifecycles.
  • Evaluating complex systems and technologies ranging from combat vehicles and high-performance aircraft to weapons systems and orbital launch platforms.
  • Sustaining the world’s largest independent test flight organization to help collect invaluable data and provide critical training and logistics support services.

We are the team behind the warfighter. For more information about KBR's capabilities, contact:

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