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Multi-functional Warehouse

A high specification, multi‐functional facility

UK Ministry of Defence (MoD)

Swindon, UK



Project Details

  • A high specification, multi‐functional facility covering 225,000 sq. ft.
  • Storage and retrieval of equipment for multiple UK government and military inventory management, including stock identification, location and quantities
  • Storage of third-party packs, out-loading, in-loading and usability inspections
  • Technical workshop to provide modifications, equipment preservation and planned maintenance
  • Preservation and testing across a range of climatic and environmental conditions
  • Building of containerized modules for deployment into austere environments
  • A proprietary material requirements system, providing real‐time reporting, live project status and fully auditable material lifecycle details
  • Operations processes for receipt, storage, checking, packing, picking, shipping and specialist environmental controls

Project Highlights

  • The Joint Operational Fuel System (JOFS) where we provide a full contractor logistics support service for both legacy and new fuels equipment. (JOFS equipment trialled and tested to meet extreme conditions of ‐32°C to 49°C)
  • Heavy Equipment Transport (HET) contract, transporting Challenger II tanks in peacetime, including training exercises and transition to deployment. The HET vehicles are owned by the operator, with the warehouse providing the spares and procurement functionality for this service
  • Warehouse layout configured to support rapid turnaround of equipment
  • Storage and retrieval of equipment at high state of readiness to suit military planning
  • Rapid turnaround of equipment packs
  • A workshop area able to rehabilitate, reconfigure and modify equipment packs into deployable modules
  • 200,000 individual items/components in stock at any one time
  • 1000+ actions captured each month for reporting purposes
  • 2000+ equipment registered marked items maintained on a regular basis
  • Deployment of materials delivered to the client, in some cases within seven hours
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