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Crude Oil to Chemicals Complex

Program management and engineering for downstream production needs

Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco), SABIC

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Program Management Services along with pre-Front End Engineering Design (pre-FEED), and Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) for the downstream petrochemicals portion of the COTC Complex, and the OSBL utilities.

Project Details

Saudi Aramco, a world leader in integrated energy and SABIC, a global leader in diversified chemicals, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to build a fully-integrated crude oil to chemicals (COTC) complex in Saudi Arabia. Once completed, this project will be the largest crude oil to chemicals complex in the world.

The COTC complex is expected to process 400,000 barrels per day of crude oil in a Feed Preparation section, consisting of crude and vacuum units, hydro-processing and upgrading units. Naphtha and lighter components will feed a cracker section while diesel and lubes will be sent for export. The Cracker section consists of 2 world scale mixed feed steam crackers producing ethylene and propylene as well as a C4’s stream and an aromatics-rich Pygas stream. Pyoil from the crackers is recycled to the feed preparation section. The Downstream section consists of polymer units producing polyethylene and polypropylene products. In addition there is a block of units processing the C4’s from the cracker and a Pygas hydrotreater and aromatics block processing the Pygas. A full suite of offsite and utility systems is included in the complex.  The COTC complex will maximize chemicals yield and will produce approximately nine million tons of chemicals and base oils annually and is expected to start operations in 2025.

Consistent with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 economic transformation program, this project will support the creation of a world-leading downstream sector in Saudi Arabia, built on four key drivers: maximizing value from the Kingdom’s crude oil production via integration across the hydrocarbon chain; enabling the creation of conversion industries to produce semi-finished and finished goods to help diversify the economy; developing advanced technologies and innovation; and enabling sustainable development in alignment with the Kingdom’s National Transformation Program.

The project will be executed from KBR's Houston, Al-Khobar and Chennai offices and is expected to continue through to the start-up of the facility in 2025.

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