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BFPL Ammonia Plant (Burrup Ammonia)

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Producing approximately 6% of the world’s total tradable ammonia

Burrup Fertilisers

Burrup Peninsula, WA, Australia


Basic Engineering Design, Ammonia & Fertilizers Technology

Project Details

  • Natural gas–fed ammonia plant
  • Commissioned in 2006 operating at 2,200 MTPD — the largest single-train ammonia plant at the time
  • Licensed PURIFIER™ technology
  • The KBR PURIFIER™ process is based on a cryogenic system that removes inerts from the raw synthesis gas. Excess nitrogen, all methane and most of the argon are removed by the cryogenic purifier

Project Highlights

  • The plant produces about 6% of the total tradable ammonia output in the world
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