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Air 87 ARH Tiger Training Services

Airbus Group Australia Pacific/Australian Army

Oakey, Queensland, Australia



Project Details

Conducted aircrew, technician and groundcrew training on the Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter Tiger (ARH Tiger) for the Australian Army at the Army Aviation Centre in Oakey, QLD.

Analyzed, designed and developed the 27 ARH Tiger training courses under contract with the prime Airbus Group Australia Pacific (formally known as Australian Aerospace).

Included an optimization of blended learning using aircraft, simulators, ground training devices, virtual training devices, computer-based training, computer-aided instruction, tutorials and scenario-based training.

Introduced superior toolsets to support training delivery, including state-of-the-art configuration management systems and an advanced assessment database.

By relying on KBR for this ARH training solution, Army released vital uniformed aviation personnel from support roles and maximized critical resources for genuine operational tasks. In effect, KBR was the outsourced training squadron‘ for the 1st Aviation Regiment in Darwin — a concept that had never before been tried within Defence. The experience, technologies and tools developed for this project have also been used since on other significant defense projects, including the early phases of the MRH90 helicopter program.

Project Highlights

Over the course of our 10 years on the project, the KBR team graduated more than 1,290 students, managed more than 337 separate courses, and flew more than 6,000 hours on Tiger without accident or serious incident.

Feedback from Army and Airbus Group Australia Pacific has been consistently positive. Through the dedicated efforts of the team and KBR’s project management systems, KBR consistently provided a thorough life support service that never failed a KPI, never failed a project milestone, and consistently achieved 90% on client assessments. This consistently outstanding result is a tribute to the quality of our people on this project.

KBR provided an adaptive and flexible approach to services delivery, contributing greatly to the ongoing development of the ARH training system. Airbus Group Australia Pacific rated KBR’s services as superior for the professionalism of its staff, the application of health, safety and environmental practices, and the quality of the services provided.

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