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Interns and Recent Graduates

At, KBR, we empower young professionals to pursue what inspires them by giving them the resources they need to grow.

Early Career Development

We realize that our early-career professionals are the future leaders of KBR, and we empower these individuals to succeed by encouraging them to use their greatest strength — themselves.

It’s not enough to attract the strongest candidates if they don’t become part of a welcoming, inclusive culture and have access to resources and opportunities that will help them grow.

KBR is proud of its unique early-career experience that offers the resources, exposure and reach of a large, global organization but with the feel of a start-up. We encourage our people to be flexible and creative in how they approach their work, while providing them access to knowledge, tools and expert talent across the company.

From hands-on experience and customer exposure to chances for meaningful connection with other early-career professionals, KBR provides amazing opportunities to gain valuable experience and to forge relationships that will last a lifetime.

If you’re looking for a place to belong, connect and grow, then KBR is for you!

KBR Leatherhead Employee Collaboration

How do I join the KBR team?

Early career professionals join KBR in one of two ways — as direct hires for job roles or via our discipline-focused developmental GRAD programs. KBR aims to advance early careers by having recent graduates work closely with a range of senior team members and people leaders who are invested in their development.

GRAD Programs

Given the variety of customers we serve, it’s no surprise KBR has created several programs and positions around the world for graduates in the fields of engineering, data science, business and other areas of study. Each year, KBR actively recruits from a broad range of universities looking for diverse talent to join our growing team.

Depending on the location, most of our graduate programs last from 12 to 24 months. Programs include mentoring, targeted skills training, project experience through rotations, virtual global learning events, local learning, and networking social events.

Direct Hire Experience

Similar to our graduate programs, early-career professionals who join KBR through direct hire, have access to mentoring, targeted skills training, project experience, virtual global learning events, local learning, and networking social events.

Regardless of the pathway, feedback, development and coaching are critical components for anyone starting a career with KBR and will continue to be throughout their journey with us. We encourage and empower our early-career team members to forge their career paths, unlock their full potential, and join us in creating a bright future.

Intern Program

KBR is committed to making the world a better, safer, more sustainable place. One way we’re doing that is by investing in the future through our Intern Program.

KBR’s Intern Program provides valuable professional experiences that are personal, educational, and intentional.

We treat our interns like regular, full-time employees and allow them to get involved in meaningful work. Our agile culture enables our interns to work directly with team members and to get hands-on experience on various projects for our customers. We want to expose our interns to all KBR has to offer, so in some instances, interns may have opportunities to get involved with other facets of the company.

We also strive to integrate mentorship, career development webinars, and social events into our programs. This helps ensure interns are getting the most out of their time with us and that they’re being given opportunities to grow their network with fellow interns and with KBR team members.


IMPACT is one of KBR's most successful internal employee resource groups and serves as a catalyst for developing young professionals. IMPACT provides numerous benefits and opportunities for its members both in and out of the office. IMPACT is committed to developing the future leaders of KBR by helping young professionals grow individually and within the company through volunteer experiences, leadership positions, mentoring and networking opportunities with their colleagues.

How to apply

Ready to unlock your potential? We're looking for tomorrow's leaders. Check out our graduate, direct hire and intern positions at Careers | KBR.

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The people of KBR change the world every day, providing the intelligence to solve any challenge. If you’re up to the task, we want you on our team.

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