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Health, Safety and Security

Serving as our guide to ensuring safety and accountability on any undertaking, KBR’s Zero Harm philosophy has enabled consistent safety performance all over the world.

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As a company, we believe that zero incidents is always an achievable goal. To achieve that goal, we utilize our internationally recognized transactional HSSE management systems and transformational leadership. KBR's transactional HSSE management system is ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified.

“As a company, we believe that zero workplace incidents is always an achievable goal.”

Furthermore, we believe Zero Harm 24/7 empowers both employees and customers to adopt a safety-centric mindset in everyday activities — at home, work and play. When we recognize that our personal relationship with safety extends outside the workplace, then we can truly realize our objective of Zero Harm.

KBR’s commitment to safety was recently recognized when President and CEO, Stuart Bradie, was named to the prestigious list of “CEOs Who 'Get It’” by the National Safety Council.

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Recent Safety Milestones

  • KBR Government Solutions – US in Colorado Springs, CO has surpassed 1000 days (3.2) years of work without an incident. This milestone represents 447,000 work hours.
  • KBR’s Government Solutions group in EMEA was recently awarded their 11th consecutive Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Gold Award.
  • The Government Solutions US team in Kuwait associated with LOGCAP IV Task Order 009 has worked 825 days without a recordable injury or illness. Another example of supporting that Zero Harm is achievable, this represents over five million work hours.
  • KBR Technology Solutions business unit recently surpassed 130 consecutive days without a recordable injury or illness. This achievement represents just over 7.7 million work hours. This business unit has a Zero Harm rate of 99.25% in 2020.

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