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Code of Business Conduct

Code of Business Conduct

Delivering the highest quality solutions requires abiding by a higher set of standards and regulations. Under our Code of Business Conduct (COBC), we promote a culture of safety, accountability and integrity in every project, program and community we serve.

Download KBR's Code of Business Conduct (English)

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Read more about our COBC Program here

Ethics Hotline

To report a violation of the law or the COBC you may use the KBR Ethics Hotline and Reporting system at EthicsPoint. Available 24/7, your questions or concerns will be addressed by the company confidentially and discreetly. You may remain anonymous and translators are available.

Report a Violation

Supplier Code of Conduct

KBR stands for fair competition and supports small, local, minority and women owned businesses. KBR has a Supplier Code of Conduct and it defines KBR’s expectations in relation to the Supplier’s work with KBR, including compliance with any local and national laws and regulations. We invite everyone to join the KBR Supply Chain Partner Community.

The Supplier Code of Conduct can be found here

Our approach to UK Tax

KBR is more than a global company; we are responsible corporate citizens and neighbors in communities around the world. We believe it is our obligation to add value to these communities beyond the professional services we provide. We understand the importance of taxes in the context of the communities in which we operate and we take a responsible approach to the management of our tax obligations.

Read our full procedures here

UK Modern Slavery Act

As an international organization and global partner, KBR is committed to doing its part to eliminate human trafficking practices around the world. 

See KBR's Modern Slavery Statement here 

Anti-Corruption Compliance

Read more about our Anti-Corruption Compliance Program here

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