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SGT Acquisition Reinforces Government Services Transformation

​A common expression among KBR's US Government Services (GS) leaders these days is "exciting times". That was the prevailing sentiment in Houston last week when leaders from Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies (SGT), KBR's latest acquisition, and leaders from KBR's US GS group gathered to discuss the capabilities and potential of the combined new organization.

The acquisition of SGT follows the 2016 acquisitions of Honeywell Technical Services, Inc. and Wyle which transformed the scale and service offerings for KBR in this segment. Now with SGT, KBR's US GS business, branded KBRwyle, includes over 14,000 employees and a total workforce of 17,000 people. The employees are largely engineers, scientists, program analysts, operations leaders, technicians, IT professionals, and other professionals many of whom hold security clearances.

The highly strategic addition of SGT underscores KBR's commitment to building and maintaining a preeminent government service business. It advances KBR's growth strategy into high end government services and technology by increasing capabilities in physical science, engineering, mission operations, and information technology. The acquisition also solidifies the company's leadership position in human space exploration.

Dr. Kam Ghaffarian, President and CEO of SGT, and Stuart Bradie, President and CEO of KBR, shake hands following the acquisition announcement.

"We are excited to bring SGT into the KBRwyle family," said Stuart Bradie, KBR President and CEO. "As a combined team we have substantial opportunities for new growth and we are well positioned to capitalize on revenue synergies in a market with strong fundamentals."

"This is a very deliberate move on our part to enact a long term strategy within the government services market, NASA and the broader space industry," Bradie continued. "We are building a long lasting space franchise with a major presence in the three key segments of today's industry – civilian, military and commercial."

In just two short years, KBR has reinvented its US GS business from an overseas contingency operations-based organization to a diversified domestic-focused provider of full lifecycle professional and technical services. What hasn't changed is its commitment to customers. From warfighter to aviator to astronaut, every KBRwyle solution is developed to achieve the customers' mission. It is this mission focus of KBRwyle employees that helps its customers -- which includes every major US military service branch and NASA -- achieve their goals and objectives.

Culturally, SGT shares that same customer commitment and mission focus. It has gained them a reputation as a trusted provider and helped them win work such as the recently awarded NASA Mission Systems Operations Contract (MSOC) contract. The contract, worth a potential value of $1.12 billion, supports NASA spaceflight programs requiring mission operations and the International Space Station Program, including International Partner and Commercial Visiting Vehicles, the Orion Program, the Space Launch System Program, and the Commercial Crew Program. The contract is just one example of the high impact, mission-critical work KBRwyle performs 24/7 around the world and in outer space.

"This combination creates an exciting future," said Dr. Kam Ghaffarian, President and CEO of SGT. "As a combined entity, we will be able to bring powerful capabilities and solutions to the marketplace and broaden our service offerings for our existing customers. The alignment of the organization's cultures and the combined business synergies makes this an ideal situation." Exciting times, indeed.