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KBR’s Growth and Continued Success in Canada

For more than 65 years KBR has had a continuous presence in Canada, completing over 450 projects and proudly serving the needs of our clients. As one of Canada's most experienced contractors, KBR has worked with clients across the country providing top-quality engineering, procurement, pipe fabrication, module assembly, turnaround and maintenance services, direct hire construction and construction management and professional services.

In the last five years alone, KBR has executed or managed more than 24 million direct work hours on Canadian projects. This includes 300,000 manhours completing general works construction services for a natural gas to liquids (GTL) processing facility, two million manhours completing early works and infrastructure construction at Kitimat LNG, and seven and a half million manhours of general contracting for Shell Canada in Fort Saskatchewan.

With a rich Canadian history dating back to 1951, KBR has completed over 450 projects in Canada.

Robin Bonk, who leads KBR business in Canada, believes KBR's success can be attributed to the deep reservoir of talent, experience across the business and an effective project execution toolkit. "KBR is a contractor of choice in country because we maintain both a non-union and unionized direct hire construction capability so are able to provide service to customers across the board. KBR is viewed as an 'employer of choice' by many trade union members which has allowed us to maintain a committed following of craft workers. Our average turnover is very low which translates into a skilled workforce ready to quickly meet project requirements and get the job done."

"Further, we actively participate in the construction industry organizations (COAA) and renew and update our certifications and permits to practice so we are always at the top of our game in ensuring we provide the most up-to-date and high-quality services," Bonk continued.

KBR completed the vessel design, project management, topsides facilities and construction of two process modules for Petro Canada (Suncor).

KBR currently has over 1,100 employees in Canada and has offices in Alberta and Ontario. The company is actively working on projects across Canada from world class LNG projects on both Canadian coasts to the continued successful execution of large scale projects in the Alberta Oilsands, mining projects in Saskatchewan Ontario and the Northwest Territories, natural gas production in British Columbia and small cap and maintenance projects in all markets across the country. KBR focuses on the use of local labor, subcontractors and service providers because transferring valuable skills to local workers and businesses helps create greater economic opportunities for entire regions.

KBR maintains a committed following of craft workers and average turnover amount of senior personnel is very low, which translates into skilled resources ready to mobilize.

In addition to employment opportunities, KBR provides effective on-the-job training and all employees receive regular training in safety, environmental compliance, production, planning, and leadership. These training programs have clear results, especially in the much improved safety record throughout the country: in 2016 KBR Canada employees worked over two million manhours with a recordable injury frequency of only 0.20, a 43% improvement from 2015 and an 81% improvement from 2014.

KBR's employees are not only dedicated on the job but are also committed to giving back in every community in which KBR operates and this is no exception in Canada. KBR is proud of its long record of philanthropy in Canada including partnerships with First Nations though local engagement and supporting Canada's aboriginal people. KBR also dedicates time and resources to ensuring women are promoted in trade careers by acting as a corporate sponsor of Women Building Futures and hiring program graduates into KBR projects. Most recently, when fires devastated the Fort McMurray, Alberta area in 2016, forcing KBR employees, contractors and many others working on the Fort Hills Oil Sands Project to evacuate, KBR made a substantial donation to the Canadian Red Cross to aid in the relief effort and help the thousands displaced people of Fort McMurray and surrounding areas.

KBR completed general works construction services for natural gas liquids (NGLs) processing facility for Spectra Energy with a strategic partnership with local First Nations businesses.

Canada remains an important component of KBR's geographic reach and the company continues to pursue CAPEX and OPEX work across many market sectors in Canada. KBR looks forward to continuing to serve clients and customers in Canada, as well as growing its Canadian business for years to come.