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Brown & Root Industrial Services Continues to Find Success in Growing Market

​The Brown & Root name reemerged in the market in 2015 when KBR established a new, equally owned and managed company, Brown & Root Industrial Services (BRIS), with Bernhard Capital Partners (BCP) in North America. BRIS has experienced tremendous growth and transformation in its first three years of operation and has made significant progress in executing its original strategic vision of becoming a full-spectrum industrial services provider.

Through both acquisitions and organic growth, BRIS has integrated a comprehensive portfolio of service lines including maintenance, engineering, construction, scaffolding, insulation, and turnaround services. The success of this vision is evident as the company's annual revenue approaches $1 billion and profit margins continue to improve as the business has grown.

Brown & Root's success can be attributed in part to the organization's management and Board of Directors and the key role these valued leaders play in guiding the company. As Chairman of the Board, Ian Mackey has provided counsel to the BRIS management team and his industry insight has helped steer the team as they executed on the vision to become the most complete provider of industrial services.

As the company approaches its three-year milestone, the Board Chairmanship will transfer from KBR to BCP for the next three-year term with BCP Chairman Jim Bernhard taking the role. BRIS's management team and employees are grateful to Ian for serving as the Chairman of the Board and for the guidance and support he has provided.

"Ian has been a valued colleague and advisor as we've worked to create an operationally led organization, focused and ready to meet the needs of customers," said Andy Dupuy, President and Chief Executive Officer of Brown & Root. "While Ian's term as Chairman is ending, we're pleased he will continue to serve as a member of our Board and look forward to his continued contributions."

"It has been my distinct pleasure to play a role in this success and I look forward to supporting Brown & Root's continued success as a colleague and member of the board," Ian Mackey said.

Members of the Brown & Root Industrial Services Board of Directors thank Ian Mackey for his service as Chairman of the Board Members of the Brown & Root Industrial Services Board of Directors thank Ian Mackey for his service as Chairman of the Board