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​​​​​​​​​​Every day, reliable, innovative, commercially proven KBR Technology Process Solutions improve productivity and help owners meet their goals around the globe.

KBR has been creating innovative technology for petroleum refining and petrochemical processing since 1919, and building plants based on those technologies for almost as long. From co-developing and commercializing the first FCC process unit in 1942, to revolutionizing the fertilizer industry with the Kellogg ammonia process in the 1960s, to commercializing heavy oil and coal monetization processes for a changing energy landscape, KBR has been a pioneer and an industry leader. 

Our licensed technologies, whether full units or key equipment, can be found in thousands of installations around the world.  Our proprietary equipment is engineered to perform, underpinning our continued commitment to performance and quality for refining, coal gasification, petrochemicals, ammonia and syngas.  In addition, our unique partnerships, joint ventures and alliances create a strong technology portfolio with industry leading technology providers such as Shell Global Solutions, BP, ExxonMobil Chemical, SK Innovation, Southern Company, SK-KBR and more.

From onshore to offshore, KBR is a leader in technology solutions.  Our offshore technologies date back to Alexander Keiller & Co., today GVA -- a mechanical workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1841 that delivered its first small steam tug in 1847.  After having produced some 1000 ships, the shipyard closed in 1989 and GVA Consultants AB emerged as an industry leader in innovative offshore technologies.​