Veba Combi-Cracking (VCC)

Process refinery residues, heavy crude oil, and coal.

The Veba Combi-Cracker (VCC) is a slurry phase hydrocracking/hydrogenation process for converting petroleum residues at very high conversion rates and liquid yields into high quality distillates or synthetic crude oil in the following markets:

  • Refining
  • Upstream field upgrading
  • Coal-to-liquids (CTL) markets.

Feed flexibility

KBR's VCC is the only technology that has been demonstrated to operate on a wide variety of feed stocks ranging from refining residue to coal and a mixture of oil and coal.

High conversion and demonstrated reliability

VCC technology has been demonstrated to achieve 95% or higher conversion on a wide range of feed stocks.

Simple architecture - proven integration

VCC adopts a simple flow sheet architecture with traditional refinery grade equipment. There are no reactor internals and the kinetics and hydrodynamics are sustained by unique design techniques to maintain the high conversion.