Pre-Combustion Carbon Capture

Commercial Applications

The typical application for pre-combustion capture would be an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) plant. The process involves coal gasification or steam reforming followed by shift to produce H2 and CO2. The feedstock could be any from a variety of fuels. With CO2 capture, the gasifier would normally operate in an oxygen-blown mode. The syngas from the gasifier is shifted to produce H2 & CO2.

Technology Information

KBR Gasification Technology with CO2 Capture

An advantage of pre-combustion carbon capture over post-combustion capture is that the syngas is at a higher pressure and also has a higher concentration of CO2, 15-60%. A physical solvent is typically used to separate the CO2. The syngas could then undergo further processing for power generation and other applications like production of ammonia, FT fuels, etc.

KBR has extensive experience in Pre-Combustion CO2 Capture through our Ammonia technology. The table below provides a listing of our recent experience in CO2 Removal in Ammonia applications.

Recent KBR CO2 Removal Experience in Ammonia Projects
Year Client Location CO2 Removal Technology
2010 Jianfeng China aMDEA
2010 Pequiven Venezuela aMDEA
2009 MHTL Trinidad aMDEA
2008 EBIC Egypt Benfield
2006 Burrup Fertilisers Australia aMDEA
2005 PT Pupuk Kujang Indonesia aMDEA
2004 Nitrogen 2000 Trinidad Benfield
2004 PT Pupuk Iskandar Muda Indonesia aMDEA
2003 CNOOC Chemical Ltd. China aMDEA
2003 Shenzhen Liaohe Tongda China Benfield
2002 Caribbean Nitrogen Co. Trinidad Benfield
2001 Zepu Petrochemical China Benfield
2000 Safco Saudi Arabia Benfield
1999 Chambal Fertilizers India Benfield
1998 Point Lisas Nitrogen Ltd. Trinidad Benfield
1998 PCS Nitrogen Trinidad Benfield

Instead of using a coal gasification process, the focus here is steam methane reforming to produce syngas. The syngas is shifted to produce H2 for ammonia while the CO2 is typically recovered for Urea production. KBR has also developed the Transport Gasifier TRIG™ technology. KBR is in a position to offer a combined package of our coal gasification technology and syngas processing with CO2 capture.