KBR has established itself as one of the Western Hemisphere's leading engineering, construction and services companies. Within the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America, KBR has developed a reputation for delivering projects on time and on budget by utilizing knowledgeable industry experts and thorough planning.

Our project management teams develop cost-effective, efficient and safe construction strategies for clients in the petrochemical, refining, forest product and energy industries and to local, state and federal agencies. From small and large capital construction projects to turnaround initiatives, KBR is in virtually every market. We are building power plants in Central Texas and Georgia, an oil sands upgrader project in Western Canada, a refinery expansion in Alabama and a benzene unit along the U.S. Gulf Coast.

As one of the world's largest defense services providers, we deliver base operations support at numerous facilities across the United States. We also provide logistics support to the US military's expeditionary forces around the world. In the civil infrastructure market, KBR provides extensive solutions in design and construction management of road and rail, aviation infrastructure, water and coastal and stream restoration projects.

As a global EPC firm, KBR employs thousands of engineers, from mechanical to civil to electrical, and is recognized as a leader in the design of technologically advanced and highly innovative facilities. KBR has also engineered plants based on almost all licensed processes and constructed plants with both gas turbine and steam turbine drivers. This wide range of award-winning experience enables KBR to evaluate the best options for the most discerning client.

Headquartered in Houston, our major U.S. offices are located in Birmingham, Alabama; Charlotte, North Carolina*; Arlington, Virginia and the state of Delaware. We also have operations at the Monterrey Engineering Center in Mexico and offices in Calgary and Edmonton, Canada.

*All engineering services in North Carolina will be performed by KBR Engineering of North Carolina, Inc.