KBR Wabi

Since becoming a member of the KBR group of companies in 2008, KBR Wabi has further enhanced the KBR product offerings in Canada. From its inception in 1991, KBR Wabi has served its customers with project management, direct hire construction, construction management, construction, maintenance services, maintenance turnaround, and fabrication solutions.

We offer clients a wide range of services within numerous industrial sectors, including the ore preparation, extraction, and froth treatment areas of oil sands, forestry, manufacturing, hydroelectric development, mining, pulp and paper, and industrial building installation.

Our team of technical professionals within KBR Wabi are demonstrated leaders in their respective fields. On maintenance projects, we have unmatched expertise in the specialty construction maintenance areas of OSB and particleboard presses, heavy lifts, short-to-long term turnarounds, and large rotating elements such as oil sand crushers and kiln dryers.

Two fabrication shops in Ontario give us ready access to the TransCanada Highway and the railway siding of East-West lines of Canadian National and Canadian Pacific. With a capacity to do 50 to 250 tons of work per week and with industry certifications, KBR Wabi's fabrication unit, brings a multilevel, integrated approach to client projects and relationships.